About Us

4Teen24: Behind the Name and the Organization

     4Teen24 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the social and emotional well being of teenagers. Based in Dallas, Texas, 4Teen24 aims to provide attention and prevention to mental illnesses and works to help teens focus and understand the importance of their mental well being as well as coping skills and how to understanding talk about mental health.  

     By age 14, 50% of mental illnesses are developed, and 75% by 24. That is how the name 4Teen24 (14:24) was created. Between these ages, teens are most likely to develop a mental illness, however most will not receive proper treatments or diagnoses for years. While these statistics are disappointing, that is why our mission is so important, especially in this day and age.  

     We appreciate the support from you and others. Please continue to help spread the word about our organization so we can grow and help as many people as we possibly. This effort takes a village and we appreciate your help and support.

       Thank you!

  Jenna Hansen, Executive Director and CEO